right now I feel like my life is in shambles. 

I am the type of person that feels 100% like a fish out of water if I don’t have everything at least a semblance of organized and under control.

For example: the desktop of my computer hardly ever has random pictures, folders, and files saved on it… it is a mess right now- and it’s driving me nuts… do I have the enthusiasm to fix it … no.

I keep staying up late to make up for it… and then I wake up exhausted and it only makes it worse.

2012 is scaring me already… I was SO stoked to graduate… and now that it is less than a year away… {December 2012} …I am already coming to grips with the “oh my goodness- where did the years and days go?!”

A few days ago. God answered a prayer that I have been asking for – for years… The answer was a no- and honestly… it hurt at first.. and now I feel so free from the questioning from all of it. No was the easy answer. It was the least thing I expected to be thankful for… however- going into a new year free of that question… waiting on God’s answer… feels like a weight lifted from my life. Totally opposite of what I expected. But that’s how God rolls.

I made this... no real purpose... just came to me- and I made it beautiful : )

Giving God the control.




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