What I read in 2011

In 2011 I read 19 books.

It’s a well known fact about me that I read… a lot. 

So here was my reading list for 2011

1) Harry Potter 5, 6, and 7

2) Redeeming Love

3) Heaven is for Real, 29 Minutes in Hell, and 90 Minutes in Heaven

4) A Thousand Splendid Sons

5) Woman of a Thousand Secrets -this started slow, but ended incredible!

6) Secret Daughter

7) I have Lived a Thousand Years

8) Water for Elephants -INCREDIBLE… I have yet to see the movie though.

9) Captivating

10) Skinny Bitch

11) Simply Devine

12) The Posionwood Bible -this was awesome!

13) The Hunger Games, Catching Fire -so so good! Working on the third one now.

14) Penguin Life. Photography book about penguins… 

You can see my list of books to read in this coming year… here or on pinterest

All my love, Bb


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