i could say a million things right now… but my face is on fire and i want to read my book for a bit before i crash- so you are limited to only ten things.

1) I am BACK at school!

2) In the past 14 days of Jan. I have been in Texas, Minnesota, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado. {busy? yes.}

3) As much as I thought I missed having “winter weather”… I would take the warmer temps… any day.

4) I am officially about to go on a spending money diet… {gotta finish setting up the apt… then it’s on}

5) I am signing up for a 5k soon.

6) Our wireless internet is titled “Can’t Touch This” …haha 

7) I finished my “inspiration board” for this year… I can’t wait to show you!!

8) I am still calendar journalingI will write more on that later too.

9) brr?

10) I got a lucky bamboo!! I have wanted one forever… {he} is very happy in {his} new home 😉





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