Break’s out for the Spring.

corny joke on “School is out for the summer” …?

Tomorrow Spring semester officially begins… and by officially- I mean officially, because Cari and I were not able to work out at the gym until tomorrow because that is when “Spring semester” officially begins… whatever. 

These past two weeks have been such a blur. I cannot wrap my head around that it is already halfway through January. Cari has come to Texas- then we jet setted to minnesota for a day… THEN we came back to Texas to pack up and DRIVE to Colorado. 3 states in 16 days is a lot! Too bad another country wasn’t thrown in there somewhere…

Family flew up on Saturday to help move me in… let’s be honest and say I didn’t take a single picture of that process because it was looking worse than a bomb going off in my room… my bed was piled at least 3 feet high with random things waiting to find their rightful home.

Now the pictures are hung- it is clean, and I feel like this is a place I can call home for the time being.

I am in LOVE with my photo layout of Paris and old Hollywood... the smaller pictures are all frames I cleaned up from the thrift shop... and the photos from calendars.

Anywho. I plan on blogging more this semester- at least it is one of my goals.

So off to bed I go – I have three classes in the morning- and by morning I mean 11am…

not exactly morning, {sidenote, I did NOT want late classes… but early graduation peeps can’t be choosers SO…}

Xoxo, Bb



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