First cut is the deepest… and #runrocker

Phew- first day back at school… part of me feels as if I never left, and the other part feels like I have changed SO much since I was here last.

The weather is obviously colder.

I left here 8 months ago just finishing my sophomore year- to come back as a senior… I somehow feel as I missed a stepping stone or something…

Life is getting real… classes are beginning to build on one another- rather than being able to forget everything you learned in chemistry because you will never lose it again… I am now in the part of college where every class flows into the next…

I FINALLY got into the gym here… because it is now officially spring semester… and man oh man the altitude KILLED me. Thank goodness for ROCKMYRUN.COM for keeping my motivated- if you haven’t checked them out… they are seriously the best thing since those bumpy shoelaces that don’t come untied… and nike running shorts… they mix songs into 30, 45, 60 (etc)  minute sessions with bpm to keep you motivated even through the hardest of workouts…

In other news. My first class was at 11… so not exactly too stressful. Then I spent my off hour and a half at the gym, attended a 15 min class (oh the first day…) and now have one more to go before I can go home and take a nap… just kidding.


I have small group tonight!! I cannot seriously bring to words how much I have missed having a small group and bible study full of women whom share my loves and passions for walking with God, and a zest for life that somehow Christians get sterotyped into not having… So not true!

Anywho. in conclusion: CSU I sure did miss you. GO RAMS

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful day, xoxo Bb


One thought on “First cut is the deepest… and #runrocker

  1. Britt – thanks for the mention! Glad to see we rank right up there with Nike running shorts :). You embody the true #RunRocker spirit, trudging through the cold, at high altitude to get your workout in. Rock on!

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