Inspire Me

Let’s go with I am zero inspired for this semester.

I had an inkling that this was going to be a problem… before break even ended.

So I had this idea {from a fellow blogger} to create an inspiration board. 

I got the frame sans class from the church thrift shop- and knew it would be perfect for my project- after Cari and I took a quickie trip to the scrapbooking section… we both came up with plans- and possibly the coolest glitter paper ever. {because i know the picture is less than par- the leopard print is actually glitter… eek!}

This is the upper half.

Anywho. Confidence is something I am always working on- confidence to try new things, be spontaneous… etc. I’m a to-do list, crazy have a plan for everything I do… SO sometimes it’s good to step away from that.

Last year I wanted to read the Bible in a year- and I loathed being “told” what to read when… it was suffocating. I’d still like to finish reading the entire Bible however.

The long pink strip at the top reads: {in glitter pen… are you sensing a theme here?} … It reads: Study Hard, Grow with God, Travel Somewhere New, Chase Dreams 

I will be graduating this year. I also intend to pursue a path to Antarctica.

Partially for the penguins

but mostly for the stark beauty it holds... and of course capture it in time through photography.

Somehow through my crazy tendency to plan everything… I need constant reminders to: Let go, and let God… Thus the “Keep Calm and Pray”

Ze bottom half.

The B- for lots of reasons… bricole photography, brittany, britt britt etc.

Last year I was incredibly blessed to spend a day in Paris. 

It was raining cats and DOGS but it was easily one of the best days of my life. -I would love to go back and spend weeks, maybe months experiencing all the city has to hold.

In the same realm of places to travel- {other than Antarctica of course} I seriously want to go to London. Something about it… However we will see where this year takes me- there are a lot of places in the continental USA that I have never been to either.. Out of the states, I would LOVE to visit Maine, Mississippi {only because of how awesome it is spelled} or ALASKA… <- I know that isn’t continental US…

Let’s see then we come to athletic goals… Yoga: which is you read my blog earlier you know I chickened out on … oops. and running a 10k. I’ve had a rough two days of workouts back up at altitude… but I have confidence that within a year it will 100% be doable.

and the whole product: i will def. be doing this for YEARS to come.

What inspires you? What are your goals for this year? It isn’t to late to begin.

Xoxo, Bb


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