For some reason God has created a place in my heart that is enthralled and dazzled by paintings God puts in the sky every single night.

I remember taking this photo on the like in Minnesota. I had just gotten my first point and shoot camera and I was hooked.

My uncle was driving and I hollered for him to “stop

This was one of the resulting photos- and I am still as in love with it today- as I was seeing it on the back of my camera screen.

Sometimes I get stressed out when I see an incredible sunset and I don’t have a camera or the ability to capture it in time.

After reading the book Captivate – I came to understand something…

Something that made so much sense to me.

God’s story with us is a love story.

Sometimes He gives us gifts- gifts meant only for us, that only we can truly appreciate and understand.

How does he know what speaks to our hearts?

He created us.

I have come to accept that some moments of incredible beauty that I witness are just that- gifts from God- to me.

Xoxo, Bb


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