Tuesday Things

I love all the blogs that do a ‘Tuesday Things’ post.

So I am going to make it a new goal to try and do that- since  my blogging has been less than stellar.

I hate how life gets in the way sometimes.

Tuesday Things

1) It would not be physically possible to go to college without an i-pod… how else do you walk between class and stay in an upbeat mood? Music is HUGE for me- unless I am walking with a friend… music and me have our own conversations. I have put my I-pod on shuffle for the past few days- and this gem came up in cue today… I am SO glad I listen to better music now…

2) Clearly grammar is a thing of the past.

3) Today I went to the gym – planning on a mediocre 45 minute workout… and ran instead… what is getting into me?

4) I have an exam tomorrow … in Marketing Research, who wants to take it for me?? It’s not until 11.

5) Some of the hidden things on youtube… This was suggested to watch after that {beautiful} video posted up above…

truly an intellectual year of music … 2009… the year I graduated high school.

6) It is 15 degrees outside. I am freezing. I was talking to someone about ice cream today… what was I thinking?!

7) I plea the 5th however on this being one of my FAVORITE songs…

8) I wish I had all the clothes to express how much I LOVE fashion.. but alas… it’s freezing… and I don’t.

9) Do Tuesdays make you wish it was Thursday? …me too

10) The only bad thing about an epic weekend… is it being over. I miss this thing…

xoxo Bb


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