I was going to blog…

…then i got distracted by twitter.

i realized i have a million other things i should be doing

…someone found my blog by searching “princess britt feet” epic fail

it’s wed-nes-day

I really have nothing insightful or interesting to say

I am counting down the hours, minutes, seconds… until THE HUNGER GAMES comes out

excited? me? yes.


I’m really sorry you’re reading this.


I promise some insightful – rational – non crazy posts in the near future.


Today is ASH wednesday… remind me to write about that… and about YOGA this morning. AND about small group…

got that? Ash Wednesday (lent), yoga, small group


I’m so glad we are friends.

or not.

I’m really not worried about it… (see later post of explanation)

Xoxo, Bb


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