Open My Eyes #prayer

sometimes i think God gets fed up with me

He deserves to be.

other times God does things that- open my eyes

today – 2 of the smallest prayers.

One to just let the adviser i need to talk to be in their office- with their door open… so i could take care of a few business things. {actually there were two that i could talk to- i prayed that one would be available- the one who would be better to help me write my thesis next semester.}

one door was open- and she is super stoked and going to be my thesis adviser. 

seriously God? that was awesome…


Driving to the post office- I was like “God I’m starving, and the post office is gonna be a hen house at noon… would you please let this be fast… ?”

THERE WAS NO ONE in the post office. NO LINE.

and when I left there were about 5 people in line.

God is SO cool.

It was one of those things that reminded me…

God is working on the big prayers too. God answers prayer.

The answers just aren’t always as immediate…

I felt like God was reminding me- that He was there- listening, but not only listening … moving- He has things under control.

of this I am sure: Prayer Changes Things


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