Jet Setter

School got out not even two weeks ago.

I finished finals with turning in 2 more large papers (26 pages, and 15) *not the biggest of the semester- the credit goes to the 50 something pager I turned in 3ish week ago.

It is insane how much can change in just over a week.

left Colorado the afternoon after I took my last final… for San Francisco.

The next morning I flew from San Francisco to Kona- to be picked up by one of my best friend because umm she was getting MARRIED in a few short days : )

We spent the next few days beach side, out side, eating good food, laughing, and tying up loose wedding plan ends.

Getting Married in less than 24 hours : ))

Monday came quicker than any of us imagined- I’ve only been counting down the days with Cari- and Monday was finally upon us.

So many people have asked me about the wedding. It really is Cari & Jason’s story to tell, but it was nothing short of incredible; and I was more than blessed to be there. God blessed them with the perfect day, beautiful ocean, good company, lots of smiles and happy tears. They are an inspiration; and truly an example of a couple brought together with the hands of God… to bring glory to God.

God even smiled upon us a little extra with this sunset- let me tell you… the photographer was incredible, and captured the happy couple & the sunset… the pictures are nothing short of amazing. (and I was creeping on the screen on his camera) … I can’t wait to see them all full screen.

There was toasts, and dancing… cake and goodbyes.

Tuesday morning came too fast and I was off to the airport to LA and then all night back to Texas.

*I flew home for two days to surprise mom; take care of mothers day (which I missed) and then fly back to Colorado to tie up some loose ends before heading back to Texas for the summer. It’s been an insane 1.5 weeks.

Happy Summer.

Oh and don’t worry… I’ve been in the ocean, to the beach, jet-skiing, swimming in the lake etc. I’ve taken care of all sorts of summer to-do lists. : )


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