Goals are a funny thing- some have a way of feeling impossible and thus lie in the dusty corners, piled under stacks of useless clutter and shoved in places to never be found. 

Goals come with emotions; fear they will never be achieved, fear they cannot be achieved, fear of the work they will take to achieve. 

Traveling to a new country, losing that last 20 pounds, running a marathon (running at all) 

My goals this year were much more attainable that 2011. I decided to really consider what I wanted this year to be- why I wanted to achieve these things, and if they were possible to attain (within reason)

2012 Goals

It is cool to look and see what I have already achieved…

I have traveled somewhere new, TODAY I ran a 10k (as a training run), I am getting better and better at YOGA and I love it, I worked my tail off at school last semester and I only have one semester to go! 

As for this list– it has changed a bit- but I’ve read some great great novels- and I am excited to read more.

I’ve read; the hunger games, the dragon tattoo series, the life of pi, 1/2 of the white oleander, 1/2 of wasted, and now I am reading room. 

Which is where I leave you. To go read the book ‘Room’ it’s actually pretty awesome. 

xoxo, Bb


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