Fonts Fonts Fonts

If one were to creep on my computer they would find nothing very exciting… however the font folder containing 600+ fonts might come as a surprise… I have a small affection for fonts. 

Kind of like my affection for shoes… only fonts are free!

1. atreyu

2. banda regular

3. bellerose

4. CAC Champagne

5. Champagne and Limousines

6. Chocolate Box

7. Clipper Script

never pick. **I missed a number… {and this is my all time favorite!} sorry! … Doris Day

8. Hagin Caps

9. Lavanderia

10. Lichtner Wd

11. Ma Sexy

12. Matilde

13. Olive Oil

14. Optimus Princeps 

**no worries I’m only though the o’s… 😉

and that means I only have 584 fonts … : ))

xoxo Bb


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