I’m learning.

That my body is much more capable than I give it credit for.

Like running 8 miles on a treadmill of all things.

Like training for a half marathon : )

That sometimes pushing through isn’t an option. (or isn’t the smartest option.)

However I know my running journey is FAR from over.

I have my whole life to run… and hopefully will be back to it in a few weeks.

I have meniscus surgery tomorrow morning…

My surgeon thinks I will still be able to run my half marathon in september… and I am hopeful.

He gave me the option to wait until after my half… but I didn’t want to get so far hurt that it was too late to have surgery and still run the half… SO I am doing the surgery now.

And I am really glad. I ran a strong 8 miles last week (with negative splits..) and 6 miles since.

I was hoping to get in 9 miles before I had surgery but after being hardly able to walk after the 8 for a day I knew it wasn’t time to push it crazy hard the day before surgery.

So I am gonna go for a easy jog tonight and enjoy the run… before I am relegated to the couch tomorrow.

Any prayers would be appreciated.

Xoxo Bb



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