spoiler alert this isn’t some sappy healing of the heart post.


Remember me? The girl who wrote about becoming a runner… who was training for a half marathon who seemed as if she was headed towards her goal seamlessly? one two three

I had knee surgery- one week ago today.

Turns out the annoying knee pain that was lingering from my knee surgery 4 years ago- was able to be fixed… because something was legitimately wrong. Bittersweet that I’m not some whimp… but bitter it had to be fixed.

Yes I should still be able to run the 1/2 just maybe not as well as I had hoped. 

After confirming a meniscus tear in my bum knee … surgery was scheduled. Interestingly enough the good doc found 2 tears… one that was from the original injury that was missed 4 years ago. Mystery solved why I never healed! …which is what caused the second tear.

I was fixed up, stiched up, and wrapped up ready to go home all before noon… silly me thought I’d be nearly 100% the next day… after all I had done the acl thing… this was no big deal… not.

I admit, I did not give the surgery as big of a weight as I should have. I seriously thought that because I could walk on my knee ment that I could do anything and everything else. (except run until the stiches were out.)

Recovery hit me hard. I hate pain pills, the dizzy, sleepy, sick, out of it feeling is not something I enjoy. The first three days were hard, and spent mostly on the couch with ice, and toast as the only thing I could manage to eat. I at least thought I’d be at the gym on the bike keeping my cardio up and not losing ground on my half training… This was a lofty goal seeing how I couldn’t bend my knee enough to walk up the stairs.

But each day got better… easier. A little less pain or a little more range of motion. Slowly I have been fighting back. After all it’s only been a week!

I do admit watching other people run is torture. I want to be the one logging the miles, being in that place alone, quiet … just me and my thoughts on the road. . . but then something hit me.

I may not be physically pushing my body on the outside to be better and stronger… but the inside of me is working overtime to heal and get itself back to fighting stance. 

I don’t know what that hit me so hard but I realized I wasn’t “doing nothing” my body was already doing something incredible.

Tuesday after these stitches come out look for the wobbly runner on the road trying to get her knee to cooperate again : )

Praise and glory to a God who heals, to a God who created these incredible bodies who heal themselves.

Running shoes: we have a date soon!

Xoxo Bb


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