*everytime I get on a blogging roll… i relapse into lazyness… boo. 

So summer is almost over… I can’t believe it, my last “summer”. And by last summer I mean I am graduating in December and thus this summer was my last “real” summer… where summer was a change, something different from the norm.

Summer began in May with a trip to Hawaii to witness my best friend marry her best friend.

It is one of those things about the beginning of summer where you know it will be over before you know it- and yet you feel like you have all the time in the world.

June brought a big birthday.

Which was further celebrated in July…

It was an incredible summer.. which brings to question; what makes for a “good” summer?

Is it the trips you take and the places you visit? three

Is it the people you spend time with? family and friends

The number of bug bites you get? 106 at once… counted miserable

How you celebrated the 4th of July? on the lake

The amount of ice cream eaten? eh

Bowling? yes

Amusement Parks? no

Tan Lines? totally yes

Goals achieved? training for a 1/2 marathon!!

Pictures taken? lots

Summer love? not

Water? beach, lake, pool

Trying something new? Stand up jet-ski

How hot it got? 109 (I think? I stopped keeping track)

Rain Storm? yes yes

Staying up all night? no

Number of books read? 4 I think

Sleeping-in? yes

Money made? sure


let’s just say I had a pretty awesome summer, and it’s slipping away quickly. . . I am squeezing the last few weeks of freedom out before they are gone!

What makes for a great summer?

Xoxo, Bb


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