I always have trouble at the beginning of the year remembering to write ’13 instead of ’12…

kidding. I sometimes have that problem in JUNE!

SO as always I try to make some New Years goals… I dislike calling them resolutions because… well the stigma behind resolutions being lofty wishes that people give up on my mid January.

That being said. I also kept it to a minimum this year… not knowing what all this year will bring. This year is the first year I won’t be in school! I have a big kid job and am pursuing my “adult” life!

NYG: New Years Goals 2013

1) Run over 300 miles. 
…this isn’t a huge number and I realize that, but to maintain a steady running schedule for me is- usually I run best when I am training for something… which isn’t bad per-say. However I’d like to become a more steady runner putting in miles every week and building upon that rather than building, racing, and not running for months/weeks at a time.

2) Grow Bricole Photography
I make this goal every year. This is my passion and my dream- and to see it grow year after year is a blessing.

3) 365 Photo Project
I have always wanted to do a 365 photography project… However, I haven’t had the time or energy to drag my DSLR everywhere with me and have it ready at all moments. Now that I own an iPhone … I have decided to use instagram to publish these photos- despite the crumby quality of most of the photos it is the easiest, least time invasive path that I am taking this year. **You can follow me on instagram brittany_bricolephotography … #daybydaybrittbritt


4) Read the Bible – via. The Story
I keep making the goal to read the whole Bible… and haven’t… THIS YEAR my mom got me “the Story” it’s the entire Bible written in chrono. order in story form. I am stoked. It really is awesome.

5) Travel somewhere new!
I make this resolution yearly as well. I always strive to visit somewhere I have never been. Today I actually flew home from spending New Years in Kentucky. (somewhere I have never been) …although I have high hopes of my traveling somewhere new being ALASKA to visit Bear : ) {boyfriends blog name}

there is a pending story on 2014’s somewhere NEW being … ANTARCTICA… stay tuned!

6) Bear (boyfriend) and I made one together
In order to not name names I am going to refer to my boyfriend as bear. I forget the story how this nickname came to be- but it has sort of stuck. . . so it is going to continue to stick. . .  We made a resolution to keep together – without going too into detail we are striving to pursue God and grow together in our relationship with God throughout this year. {What a GREAT man of God I am dating!}



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