How to make an Infinity Scarf!

Alright so  I have to give my two cents on this!

Making Infinity Scarves is SO easy!
Seriously! If you are willing to spend a few hours with a scrap piece of fabric and a trip to the fabric store you will be on your way to creating your very own set of perfect scarves for your wardrobe!

I seriously sewed a long piece of fabric into a tube and sewed the ends together!

BAM infinity scarf!

Or if you don’t feel like spending $40+ dollars on a scarf OR sewing one yourself you can head over to my Etsy shop and check out mine for WAY less than $40!

Because seriously- who spends that much on a scarf?!

Also** I don’t know why the pictures are placed so funky but I did take all the pictures! Remote, Tripod and All!

Xoxo, Bb

IMG_5410-7-6 IMG_5419-8-7e IMG_5439-10-8r IMG_5448-12-10 IMG_5468-19-13 IMG_5469-20-14 IMG_5475-21-15

IMG_5476-22-16 IMG_5482-25-18 IMG_5498-30-21 IMG_5519-32-22 IMG_5398-4-3 IMG_5396-3-2


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