Pinterest Workout Week 1

As I mentioned in this post I decided to put some pinterest workouts I had pinned to the test!

The idea was for a week I would pick one for each day and report back.

Sunday: this one was actually killer and totally surprised me!
especially when pushing for time… I am going to keep working at this one!

Monday: This one had a decent pace and would probably be legit if it was repeated lots- but as a stand alone quick workout… I was in the middle. Better than some… but sub par.

Tuesday: I should have known by looking at this one- but for some reason it originally didn’t occur to me that anyone could put Bob Harpers face on any workout. . . This “workout” was a bit of a joke for me and def. didn’t stand up to Bob Harper “status” … even repeated 5 times it took more time than the reward. **if I am looking to do a mini tiny workout…it needs to have some punch.

Wednesday: I actually didn’t do a pinterest workout this day- A three mile run was on the agenda.

Thursday: Same verdict as Monday. It is a decent ab circuit but 8 minute abs by Windsor Pilates on youtube is BY FAR still my favorite! …however as it states in addition to regular cardio and strength training it is well rounded.

Friday: What a great body weight workout … I rather enjoyed this one.

I had another workout planned for Saturday however I opted for a 4 mile run instead.

stay tuned for some more experimentation.


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