Zaley Designs – Summer 2013 Collection

About a year ago I decided to try my hand at making dog collars. And about a year ago I started selling them on Etsy in a store I titled – Zaley Designs    I have tried my hand at selling other things – and while I don’t intent to stop painting or sewing scarves … Dog Collars bring me the most joy 🙂

Growing up my mother had taught me a bit of sewing but I had never been very interested until recently. Since then I have gotten better and found an immense amount of joy in picking out new patterns and checking my Etsy statistics. . .

IMG_5704-3Featured here is my Summer 2013 Collection. That is SO fun to say! I wanted to be a fashion designer growing up and I think a part of this stems from that small dream. Colors, and designs, and photography… plus darling puppies getting darling collars def. brings a smile to my face.

IMG_5710-6This turquoise one is probably my favorite… little secret- that is my *favorite* color in the whole wide world! You know, except; goldenrod, apple green, and coral 😉

IMG_5715-8And just for good measure I will spoil you by showing you the rest of the Summer Collection : ) Stay tuned for a surprise coming at the end of this week!


IMG_5729-2 IMG_5735-5 IMG_5747-9


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