Ten Things for Thursday

Ten Things for Thursday

Favorite Song of the Week!

Hunter Hayes everyone.

Currently Reading:

Unafraid by Francine Rivers… This book is astounding… Not that that is a surprise coming from Rivers… she never ceases to amaze with her books. God has given her a gift to keep people turning pages too late into the night!

Recent Television Addiction…

Well, I told you about my Hart of Dixie obsession… So I am going to have to admit I am waiting with baited breath to see the season finale of Once Upon a Time!

Throwback Thursday!

Once upon a time I made a duck tape dress… AND wore it : )

Picture of the Week : )

I took this picture about a year ago, however it is background on my phone & desktop currently 🙂


Lesson Learned-

This week I learned to always bring an umbrella … even if it’s only drizzling.

Drizzling is a warning of potential downpour!

Inspirational Bible Verse:

This verse has recently given me so much peace.  We are not of this world… Jesus has already defeated this world. It is a mess, but it is a beautiful mess that God is alive and moving within everyday. God is not silent. God is everywhere.

Outfit Crush of the Week!

please oh please magically appear in my closet tomorrow morning! : )

If I Could go Anywhere in the World Today…

STRAIGHT BACK TO DISNEY! No more adult things… only being a kid allowed : )

Random fact-

Chai Green Tea… is the best kind of Chai Tea (not latte!) around!


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