It’s been awhile…

If you notice the blog has had a small facelift with a new header! Hopefully that’s a sign for lots more posts and attention towards keeping everyone near and far updated on my life and happenings here ūüôā

The past week or so has been a huge blessing. Watching countless friends post and write about graduating made me almost wish I had graduated in May… it looks like SO much more fun than the December mini graduation – walk across the stage and suddenly you don’t belong anymore…

2013-05-22_0001Then again I am reminded that things on facebook are always posted with rose colored glasses. I never even got around to posting my graduation pictures to be honest. I don’t know why- just a lot going on at the time I suppose.

Life after graduation is an interesting one. College seems in some ways that it was a lifetime ago and just yesterday. I have learned the hard truth that friends are usually no longer friends once there is distance and miles between ones daily lives and schedules. None the less I still try my best to stay in touch- and remind those that were… and are important to me that they continue to be.

Life after college is lonely at times- going from a constant group of people your age, things to do, activities you love, and literally living with your closest friends … to a job, earlier nights, less¬†socializing, and a new place. It’s different that is for sure. God has blessed me with moments recently- moments I have done my best to not take for granted!

2013-05-22_0003Recently I have had the joy of attending a party for miss bride to be Hannah! Running around walmart in poodle skirts with my mother (please gaze away from the unflattering picture of the 50’s!) and relaxing in the sunshine…

As if that wasn’t enough I also got to spend a precious¬†almost¬†twenty-four hours with one of my best friends! Her and hubby and their little nugget were able to stop in for the evening before heading for Georgia for the rest of their summer vacation.

2013-05-22_0004Please excuse the¬†black light¬†iphone picture! So… we went mini-golfing at the¬†coolest place ever!¬†Seriously indoor black light mini-golf is where it’s at! It was go great to spend some quality time together even if it was just a few short hours. {and yes, I did wear my neon shorts for the special occasion!}

In other news I have been keeping busy with Zaley Designs! It is SO rewarding to see my ideas grow into an actual functioning business! If you have a favorite puppy you’d like to dress up with a new collar… check out Zaley Designs on etsy! ***ALSO secret announcement there are even more patterns coming soon!**** {i.e. the far right photo below!}

2013-05-22_0005Until next time… xoxo Bb


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