Nothing too Crazy to Report…

Well, there isn’t anything burning with excitement to tell you all about… but life is good. 


It’s definitely heating up down here! Last Sunday was spent laying on the dock sweating to death. It was scorching out…

to the point that my phone actually turned itself off with a temperature warning because it was overheating. oy vey!

Photo May 30, 8 41 03 PM


Luckily I remembered I had a brain, and used it to get a raft and take to catching some rays from the water. . . This living

on the lake thing R O C K S rocks!

Also, the countdown to my BIRTHDAY is on! …4 more days 4 more days 4 more days! I am one of those people who loves my birthday! and if you think I am exaggerating ask any of my friends of family… Birthdays are a big deal : ) … {I’m feeling 22}

I got new pictures from DISNEY WORLD… I’m slightly obsessed… I love Disney 🙂 Photo May 25, 2 58 38 PM   Photo May 25, 2 58 44 PM

Also this past week I was informed that a business ethics case I wrote for an honors option in college- which my

professor then added to and then proceeded to have published has been translated into    CHINESE to be sold to students in Asian countries… Words cannot truly express how honored, bewildered and blessed I feel to be an author of something that seems to be getting so much use!

Photo May 22, 10 59 20 PM Photo May 30, 9 07 23 AM

Photo May 28, 11 09 50 AMPhoto May 26, 8 27 39 PM

This week I’ve also pulled out the rollers and actually done my hair for the first time in WEEKS…fulfilled a few orders for Zaley Designs & given my yoga mat a massive workout 🙂


^^^ That’s where the magic happens 🙂 I got to sew to mini versions of two of my favorite collars! So of course they got mini photoshoots before they were sent out to their new homes!

Anywho, I’m off to the gym. We have family pictures being taken tomorrow and I’m convinced a little last minute gym time is gonna do me good 😉

Xoxo, Bb

p.s. we took this picture at the studio this week… trying out some sweet backgrounds… I’m a model 😉
(kidding of course!)



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