Summer Days

Well, as the summer days have heated up the days have gotten busier. Keeping up with two businesses {dog collars & photography} in addition to my job I already have I’ve been up well past my bedtime for too many nights in a row. However, it is all more than worth it. I love what I do- and I love running {and growing} businesses… of course I could not do it without the Big Man Upstairs- God gets all of the credit and glory.

In other news the hibiscus flowers are insane this year- there are an incredible amount of blooms everyday on each bush. I finally had to drag my camera out there and get some pictures 😉 …and by drag I mean skip, dance, and run!



I’ve been thinking a lot in the past few weeks about how incredibly blessed I am. I have an amazing family, opportunities, friendships, talents, and gifts that make me incredibly happy. God is SO good!


Recently I have been working to finish planning the fall line for Zaley Designs and I can tell you I am stoked to pieces to start launching the collars in September! This month however marks the one year anniversary of Zaley Designs and it is so cool to look back and see how much I’ve learned in the past year.




Celebrating the 4th here in Texas is also an activity for the scrapbooks- starting out with boating to see the fireworks and ending with shooting off giant fireworks and sparklers! I’ve said before and I’ll say it again pictures make the best souvenirs!  I had so much fun taking firework pictures and later my family and I had a blast taking sparkler pictures!



I haven’t done my little Thursday update in awhile so here are some things I’m loving recently.

The Cups Song!

& this country song… I dream 😉

I am currently reading about 5 books. I’m over 100 pages into A Casual Vacancy and I just can’t get into it… I haven’t given up yet but holy cow on a million characters introduced and no way to keep track of how they relate to one another…

I’m also reading another Francine Rivers series on 5 men in the Bible who were the right hand men of famous bigger characters. {i.e. Aaron to Moses} They’re great books- but not quite as easy to read as the women of the Bible series… probably because I relate better to the girl stories!

Oh! One last thing… I made a Monsters INC cake! Happy 4th to us 🙂



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